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Hopkins — Dr. T. K. Proctor, Sulphur Springs; Ist

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ultimate tickle monster. Bella, you keep me on my toes little

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4) Jean Philippe de L., né au commencement du ^80 Hiècle dans la province de Liège,

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à notre auteur et dont le lecteur appréciera lui-même le caractère. Je

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du Parlement réglementant la Pharmacie au XVIme siècle, 373 — 374.

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and \er\' wonderful part of my life. I look forward to continuing our life's

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known. She has taught me that life is dynamic, always changing, and that

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is furnished In Exhibit E, from which it will be seen

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sister. I could not have done this or anything without you. I hope I can

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ment of county societies be allotted to the Associ-

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eine Statistik zeigt uns, dass 2.70% der Bevölkerung leprös ist, ein Verhältniss,

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Antonelu Giovanni, Enumerazione e signißcazione morfotogica dci

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of the unfit is the most potent cause. It should be

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3) Die Deutung de Namen gehört Val. Rose, im Hermes Till, 886.

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took away with him to Spain the large nngget of gold weighing nine ounces.

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Ich frage schliesslich : kann nicht die unbeendete Uebersetzung ein

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Conseryatear de la Santé, ou Avis sur les Dangers, etc.

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Vlme partie, par G. Dian. Lecture fa» te à r,,AteDeo Vencto" dans

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Von Interesse für den Aledicohistoriker ist vielleicht .,l^n Apothicaire au

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PCOM friends: Guys, it is FINALLY OVER! Good luck with

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Eigenschaften in die Nuss eingetreten ist, und dass es nicht in allen

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Patti: You are my mentor, but more importantly my friend. Thank you for your

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Escurial 894 (Catal. Casiri I, 318) ist geschrieben und wahrscheinlich

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training, and if, as many graduates in arts did, he

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caused by the effort of our nation to get prepared to

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