«nlässiich einer von ihm vorgestandenen Entbindung aus dem Jahre 1549,
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geschickten jungen Leute wurden, hier zurückgekehrt, derart befunden,
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zapen damit vnnd thue es hinein bis in die wundenn / fol. 54
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5 passed, 1 failed, or 16.7%. University of Texas —
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and death hold i^way but for the duties here which are
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teil mache zu zepflein (fol. 37) vnnd thue es inn die güldene porten/die
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process. I've had a great time crashing at your places before tests and 1 look
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Martin, You have made me happier than I ever imagined I could be; I cherish and am
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To the Class of 2005: Congratulations and best of luck in the future. Thanks for always
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Privilegien und Vorrechte der Chirurgengilde fortan geschützt und
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this State, shall have the same right to insure the
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ture with displacement of a carpal bone it is often
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Queensland, Brisbane, du 21 juin au 4 août pas de cas de peste humaine. On
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they had disputed ' Parvisum . . . frequentantes ' ^
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grand collectionneur de livres, gravures, peintures, monnaies, joyaux, de
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State Medical Association of Texas, Dallas, May 10,
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order of choice : the ass, the goat, and the cow. If
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added to my life in more ways than 1 can express. Thank you for being close to
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used in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the other West India islands to fatten
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from the act of God responsible for the Injury than
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as this has to do with finance, we advise that this
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au 5 mai (0). On a continué d'attraper quelques rats infectés. Nouvelles
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mit ausgedehnten Verbrennungen infolge wiederholten Fallens ins Feuer,
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Hardeman — Dr. R. R. McDaniel, Quanah; 2nd Thurs-
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parfois certaines libertés, a été cause que j'ai dû me mettre l'esprit
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times. 1 am lucky that 1 ha\e a family and friends w ho have never allowed me
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juice for three mornings running the first thing in
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be the case, because two days before we saw the first island, 2) we had
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vereinigten Amtes der Aerzte und Apotheker, oder des an andern Orten
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Aussi l'opinion générale de l'assemblée est que l'inoculation préventive
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in der Orangeflusskolonie, bei denen Strachan Mittelmeerfieber diagnostiziert
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I dedicate this moment to those who have \vall<ed this journey beside me. Thank you for enduring the
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have ever met. We'll always look out for each other.
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by the officers and members of the State Dental Society
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duties, to employ only those recognized methods of treatment con-
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C'est la traduction da passage conceroant Topération de la cataracte, par