officials said on Friday, adding the killing was expected to continue until mid- to late October when the seabirds migrate for the winter.

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Earnings reports, corporate strategies and analyst insights are all part of what moves stocks, and they’re all covered by the Stocks to Watch blog

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Our offense ran 10,” Coughlin said

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The Firsts are playing away at Forgeside but there's plenty of time to get back

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At your interview, the USCIS naturalization officer will ask you 10 civics questions

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It's about making those groups better than they are at the beginning, in the same way that would happen on Great British Bake Off, you want to see amazing cakes by the end

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Kafando also fired the country's minister of security, Col

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Overall revenue in the quarterfell 46.5 percent to $490 million.

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It took a $17 billion writedown in April for overvaluedassets

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It appears to be mostly similar to the iPhone 6’s — a long box almost the same size as the phone, inside which the handset itself sits in a cradle at the top.

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And like Apple tends to do, an iCar could help shift the focus of the consumer electronics industry to automobiles, creating a fleet of electric or even self-driving cars in the next decade.


While the S&P 500 stock index actuallyrose about 3.0 percent during the last government shutdown in2013, the gains occurred during a year when the index rosenearly 30 percent.

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Judging by “Wake Up Go Go Forward,” the first track released online, the Pope has a thing for prog

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In a demonstration via Skype last week, Shapiro made a votive candle holder

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I was playing well, and she was making quite a few errors

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"A selloff in biotechs took the wind out of the rally

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"The next relevant question for financial markets will behow this affects the debt limit and other pending issues

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Version 10.3.3 is scheduled to be available in March 2016, and Priv will hit the markets later this year.

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It markets its cars ona promise of clean performance, but tells the Commission itsengines take years to design and new pollution standards shouldnot be rushed.

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Therefore, as those who finished stoning the devil were coming back on the same route, they met those heading to the place.

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"It's not a good time to get back into the sector

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Its mission is to connect people, animals and the natural world to save wildlife

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The omissions seem to suggest a reluctance by the committee behind the report to consider any evidence that contradicts the last 35 years of nutritional advice".

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That focus now will invariably, and should turn to Mitch McConnell in the Senate."

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But he did not say when the fix would be delivered, or offer details on what VW might do to appease angry customers.

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Bad leadership hurts our society, at least as much as it hurts the individuals who follow it

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Instead of iPhone 6's 1810 milliampere battery, the 6S carries a 5% smaller 1715 mAh battery

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While other teams may occasionally invite barbers in, Tandron's is the only ballpark shop, players and team officials say.

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Major fiscal challenges lie ahead: a long-term federal budget deal and a debt ceiling increase

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The Army, Navy and Air Force are expected to open all positions to women, but Marine Gen

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And they're drilling a hole and digging anywhere in the world that they can get a hold of."

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“I really had a hard time finding myself again after cancer,” says Donofree, now 33

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That may explain why Fisher, unprompted, assured that he isn’t giving up his title.

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But for sure, I’m looking forward to spending more time away from the team, talking basketball, talking shop, learning from one of the great basketball minds that we’ve ever seen.

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I saw this and couldn't stop looking at it

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Also known as allergic rhinitis, hay fever is a seasonal condition

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FASDs are completely preventable: if a woman does not drink alcohol during pregnancy, her child has zero risk of an FASD.

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crude futures averaged $60 a barrel.

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Lee Miller, head of transformation and commissioning for children and maternity at the CCG, said the new funding was “vital.”

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More will follow, hopefully finding new and interesting ways to take advantage of pressure sensitivity, like drawing and gaming.

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It was a pretty clear mismatch from the opening bell

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(Reporting by Dan Levine; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli, BernardOrr)

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